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Building Rules and Regulations


  1. The speed limit shall be 5 miles per hour.
  2. All directional signs and arrows must be observed.
  3. Parking is prohibited:
    • in areas not striped for parking;
    • where “no parking” signs are posted
    • in cross hatched areas
  4. The parking lot is not to be utilized as a storage garage for vehicles that are not operational. Vehicles left unattended after normal business hours are not the responsibility of the Building Management or Parkway Properties.
  5. Every individual is required to park and lock his own car. All responsibility for damage to cars or persons is assumed by the individual. Tenant shall notify each of its employees, visitors, and contractors of all Parking Rules and Regulations and is responsible that all employees, visitors and contractors abide thereby.


  1. No smoking shall be permitted in the Building common areas.
  2. Parkway Properties will provide and maintain a directory for all tenants of the Building. No signs, advertisements or notices visible to the general public shall be permitted within the Building unless first approved in writing by Parkway Properties.
  3. Sidewalks, doorways, vestibules, halls, stairways and other similar areas shall not be obstructed by tenants or used by any tenant for any purpose other than ingress and egress to and from the leased premises and for going from one to another part of the Building.
  4. Corridor doors, when not in use, shall be kept closed.
  5. Plumbing fixtures and appliances shall be used only for the purposes for which designed, and no sweepings, rubbish, rags or other unsuitable material shall be thrown or placed therein. Damage resulting to any such fixtures or appliances from misuse by a tenant shall be paid by tenant.
  6. Parkway Properties shall provide all locks for doors into each tenant's leased area, and no tenant shall place any additional lock or locks on any door in its leased area without Parkway Properties’ prior written consent. Two keys for Parkway Properties shall furnish each lock on the doors in each tenant’s leased area. Additional keys shall be made available to tenants at tenant's cost. Tenants shall not have any duplicate keys made except by Parkway Properties.
  7. Except for microwave ovens, electric current shall not be used for cooking or heating without Parkway Properties' prior written permission.
  8. All tenants will refer all contractors, contractors' representatives and installation technicians who are to perform any work within the Building to Parkway Properties for Parkway Properties' supervision, approval and control before the performance of any such work. This provision shall apply to all work performed in the Building including, but not limited to installation of telephones, medical type equipment, telegraph equipment, electrical devices and attachments, and any and all installations of every nature affecting floors, walls, woodwork, trim, windows, ceilings, equipment and any other physical portion of the Building.
  9. Movement in or out of the Building of furniture or office equipment, or dispatch or receipt by tenants of any heavy equipment, bulky material or merchandise shall be performed only in such manner, during such hours and using such elevators and passageways as the Building Manager may designate and approve in advance and, if reasonable, necessary or appropriate in view of all the circumstances, then only upon having been scheduled in advance with the Building Manager.
  10. The location, weight and supporting devices for any libraries, central filing areas, medical type equipment, safes and other heavy equipment shall in all cases be approved by Parkway Properties prior to initial installation or relocation.
  11. No portion of any tenant's leased area shall at any time be used for cooking, sleeping or lodging quarters. No birds, animals or pets of any type, with the exception of guide dogs accompanying visually handicapped persons, shall be brought into or kept in, on or about tenant's leased area.
  12. Tenants shall not make or permit any loud or improper noises in the Building or otherwise interfere in any way with other tenants or persons having business with them.
  13. Each tenant shall endeavor to keep its leased area neat and clean. Nothing shall be swept or thrown into the corridors, halls, elevator shafts or stairways, nor shall tenants place any trash receptacles in these areas.
  14. Tenants shall not employ any person for the purpose of cleaning other than the authorized cleaning and maintenance personnel for the Building unless otherwise approved in writing by Parkway Properties.
  15. To ensure orderly operation of the Building, Parkway Properties reserves the right to approve all concessionaires, vending machine operators or other distributors of cold drinks, coffee, food or other concessions, water, towels or newspapers.
  16. Parkway Properties shall not be responsible to the tenants, their agents, patients, employees or invitees for any loss of money, jewelry or other personal property from the leased premises or public areas or for any damages to any property therein from any cause whatsoever whether such loss or damage occurs when an area is locked against entry or not.
  17. Tenants shall exercise reasonable precautions in protection of their personal property from loss or damage by keeping doors to unattended areas locked. Tenants shall also report any thefts or losses to the Building Manager and security personnel as soon as reasonably possible after discovery and shall also notify the Building Manager and security personnel of the presence of any persons whose conduct is suspicious or causes a disturbance.
  18. Tenants, their employees, patients, guests and invitees may be called upon to show suitable identification and sign a building register when entering or leaving the Building at times other than normal Building operating hours, and all tenants shall cooperate fully with Building personnel in complying with such requirements.
  19. Tenants shall not solicit from or circulate advertising material among other tenants of the Building except through the regular use of the U.S. Postal Service. Tenants shall notify the Building Manager or the Building personnel promptly if it comes to their attention that any unauthorized persons are soliciting from or causing annoyance to tenants, their employees, guests or invitees.
  20. Parkway Properties reserves the right to deny entrance to the Building or remove any person or persons from the Building in any case where the conduct of such person or persons involves a hazard or nuisance to any tenant of the Building or to the public or in the event or other emergency, riot, civil commotion or similar disturbance involving risk to the Building, tenants or the general public.
  21. Tenant shall not tamper with or attempt to adjust temperature control thermostats in the Building. Parkway Properties shall adjust thermostats as required to maintain the Building standard temperature.
  22. All requests for overtime air conditioning or heating must be submitted in writing to the Building Management Office by 3:00 p.m. on the day desired for weekday requests, by 3:00 p.m. on Fridays for weekend requests, and by 2:00 p.m. on the preceding business day for Holiday requests.
  23. No flammable or explosive fluids or materials shall be kept or used within the Building except in areas approved by Parkway Properties, and Tenant shall comply with all applicable building and fire codes relating thereto.
  24. Parking in the parking garage shall be in compliance with all parking rules. Failure to observe the rules and regulations shall terminate Tenant’s right to use the parking garage and subject the vehicle in violation to removal and/or impoundment. No termination of parking privileges or removal of a vehicle shall create any liability on Parkway Properties or be deemed to interfere with Tenant’s right to possession of the Premises. Vehicles must be parked entirely within the stall lines and all directional signs, arrows and posted speed limits must be observed. Parking is prohibited in areas not striped for parking, in aisles, where “No parking” signs are posted, on ramps in cross hatched areas and in other areas as may be designated by Parkway Properties. Every person is required to park and lock his vehicle. The owner of the vehicle or its driver assumes all responsibility for damage to vehicles or persons.
  25. Parkway Properties reserves the right to rescind any of these rules and regulations and to make such other and further rules and regulations as in its judgment shall from time to time be needful for the safety, protection, care and cleanliness of the Building, the operation thereof, the preservation of good order therein and the protection and comfort of the tenants and their agents, employees and invitees, which rules and regulations, when made and written notice thereof is given to a tenant, shall be binding upon it in like manner as if originally herein prescribed.

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